An ID confirmation photo is a picture of you, the account holder, holding the ID used for your verification next your face to allow for facial confirmation of the ID. 

In addition to the ID, you should also hold a piece of paper that has handwritten on it, 'only for trading digital currency on kraken com' next to your face. This piece of paper should include the current date and your signature.

Please hold the ID and paper in your hand(s). It's fine to hold both the paper and the ID in the same hand.



Both your face and the ID should be clearly visible and any text, numbers or photos on the ID must be readable and not be covered by your fingers or by the piece of paper.


Clients will be required to provide an ID confirmation photo in addition to standard verification if they are:

  • Resident in Germany, Japan or the US
  • Funding with a German bank account
  • Using domestic USD or domestic JPY funding 

However there may be other situations where we require you to upload an ID confirmation photo. 

You can send the ID confirmation photo as attachment by email.